"Adopt-a-Goat" Program 

   The "Adopt-a-Goat" program allows you to donate money to one particular goat or other animal of your choice. The program asks that you pay $0.35 a day ($10.50 per month). If at anytime you decide that you no longer wish to be in the "Adopt-a-Goat" program there is no further obligation.  

Also, you can simply make a one time donation in any amount! We ask that the donation be at least $1.00.


Where Your Money Goes:

1. Feed & hay
2. Straw (bedding)
3. Vaccines 
4. M
edications & bandages
5. Fence & barn repairs

Help Feed the Animals

   Pick out an item that you would like to help us purchase & donate the exact cost.


Bag of Goat or
Sheep Food - $15.00

Bag of
Chicken Feed -$10.00

Bag of
Rabbit Food - $12.00

Bag of
Corn - $8.00

Bale of
Hay or Straw - $5.00

Salt or
Mineral Block - $3.50